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A girl who's a backstabbing slut. She gets her way by whoring herself around, even though she doesn't sleep with guys she will get real close with them by flirting and power games and uses boys to manipulate her girl friends. Possibly the most desperate social climber you will ever meet. Tries to come off as classy, but the most TRASHY girl you will ever have the misfortune to come across. Don't bother listening to her inflated ego, all she ever talks about is herself. The worst girl you will ever meet.
"God, I wish I could tell Wynona how much everyone talks about her, but I hate her too much."
"IKR! What a wannabe. Never Trust Her."
by dressed2the9s October 26, 2014
4 Words related to Wynona
Making-out with your dog.
EWWWW she just pulled a Wynona with your dog!!!
by Venice Joan February 03, 2008

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