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The girl all the boys want and all the girls want to be. Not to mention dead sexy and sooo damn hot.
who's that hot chick. ohh she must be a saira
by Ryan. May 09, 2005
saira is a bubbly cutie but unfortunately a non-stop chatter box, a tom boy, behind whom lies a beautiful girl, a fun loving person and always getting scolded for foolish and funny questions.yet fills the atmosphere around with love,fun,brightness,positivity and of course chattering.
damn, she's annoying.
yup she is a saira but i love her :D
by mandy5464564 April 13, 2010
A young girl with black hair. Usually, Sairas' have black hair and maybe highlights. Their eyes are also a deep shade of brown. Most Sairas' are rather depressed people. Either very depressed, or very very happy. Some, find happy Sairas' annoying. But others get quite friendly with them.

To be friends with a Sad Saira, you have to get them to trust you and make sure you can trust them back. Don't break their trust with you or they'll break your bones.
Happy Sairas':

Figure 1: "Gosh. That..that Saira...She's so..bloody annoying!"
Figure 2: "Hey! She's my friend. Aand she's really nice. You should try getting to know her, dufus."

Sad Sairas':

Figure 1: "Hey, See that emo chick over there? She's such a slut!"
Figure 2: "Hey! You don't know anything about her! She's real nice, you know?"
by RippedOpen July 04, 2010
Afghani/Pakistani/North Indian Muslim name meaning traveller or wanderer in Arabic.

Pronounced "sigh-ra".

Confusingly, also commonly used as a variant of the Hebrew/Arabic name Sarah.
There goes that chick called Saira, I never know how to pronounce her name correctly.
by ringer2030 May 25, 2014
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