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A sailor's delight is a breakup tactic when you do a girl doggie style and then spit on her back to make her think you came on her. As she turns around, you whack off and jizz in her face.
"Kelly was getting on my nerves the other night, so I gave her a sailor's delight."

"Dude, you really are a scumbag"
by kingofcrunk50 February 13, 2005
Before a long voyage asea, it was foretold that sailors have the practice of packing a mason jar or other handy vessel chock full of earthworms for those lonely nights at sea.
Private Smith, I am so horny, I'd give my left nut for a piece of strange right now.

No worries Private Johnson, you can borrow my Sailor's Delight. I've only used it a few times today.
by BeerDork August 25, 2009
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