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First of all, I don't advise anyone to try this. A czechoslovakian wardog occurs when two guys stuff a girl in the ass at the same time. She then takes a shit with a widened asshole that comes out the shape of a cookie. The gentlemen then proceed to rub the girl's face in the feces, hold her head to an oven until the shit dries, then have her scratch it off her face.
- Dude, me and Mark gave Tina a czechoslovakian wardog the other night
- That's revolting, you scumbag
by kingofcrunk50 August 20, 2006
A sailor's delight is a breakup tactic when you do a girl doggie style and then spit on her back to make her think you came on her. As she turns around, you whack off and jizz in her face.
"Kelly was getting on my nerves the other night, so I gave her a sailor's delight."

"Dude, you really are a scumbag"
by kingofcrunk50 February 13, 2005

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