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Virtuous, clean hearted and generally an all round good person.
God, that girl is great, she is such a Sahiba
by Vampiric_Princess July 02, 2007
The most awesome person. Often times very honest, naive and trustworthy,but if messed with, can totally kick your ass so bad you're gonna wish you never had one.
Extremely hot, clean hearted, lady like and an all round good person. Hard to get and strong headed !
MAN! That girl is great, she is such a Sahiba.
Don't mess with her she's a total Sahiba.
God stop trying to be like a wanna be Sahiba, cuz your NOT!
by Right Tulip October 27, 2010
a girl thats really cool and has a good personality who is hot
sahiba, girl, gorgeous
by roxbaby2 May 16, 2010
long necked nincompoops who usually dont do anything but eat and sleep... they also love fat people, usually the fattest and the dumbest in a group...
oh! she likes sammy??? she must be a sahiba for sure...!!
by latts January 23, 2008

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