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A personal trait witnessed in another that cannot be replicated but only admired. Sahba will accept you for you, will not try to mould you, will teach you wisdom, will give you freedom greater than a bird, will empower you so that you can relate to that which he gives to you and to develop yourself and grow to be greater.
I love that guy. He's so Sahba!
by thegreatdegen March 31, 2010
A feminine Arabic word by origin, but also used in Persian. Used as both a girls' and a boys' name, meaning, "red wine".
"Hi, my name is Sahba!"
by Sabzilicious September 01, 2012
kinda slow, but a turtle. Peaceful. spends the day just wakin and bakin and workin on world peace and loves other turtles.
damn world needs more sahbas.
by algernon123 August 28, 2011
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