a shorter, more insincere version of sorry. can be used more frequently than sorry without feeling too apologetic.
im so sah.
by speed trials September 29, 2005
a way of saying "see yah later" in order to embarass another human
"Hey Pj, sah you jackhole!"
by brendan zelle December 15, 2006
meaning sexy as hell
john: yo did u see becca at the club lastnite?

rob: dude she was s.a.h
by anonomous♥ July 15, 2009
Stupid as hell
SMH... thats SAH!
by Nikki9 February 20, 2012
A word which here mean's: homie, bestfriend, friend
"What's sup sah"

"Aye you my sah"
by what'ssupsahh? November 23, 2011
A sly word that can be used to inform your friend of a hot girl, there can be variations depending on how hot they are.
"Sausage Sah"

"Steamin' Sah"

-Sah, sah, sah, sah

-where ???


-wow, shes hot.
by Widdens August 11, 2010

Derived from the phrase "Sexy Ass Hat". (See also: ASSHAT)

It can be used as derogatory, but is mostly used as a definition of someone you find sexy, but can be a bit of a dork at times, or asshat-ish...
"You are such a SAH."

"That SAH Bill, he is truly a legend."
by zensista September 14, 2005

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