A word that you say to anoy teachers
note:sahhhhhhhhh(carry the ah part when saying the phrase)Warnnig:May result in detentions or staying late after class.
Boy one:Sahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Teacher:See me after class!
by Zach Singletary May 11, 2005
a shorter, more insincere version of sorry. can be used more frequently than sorry without feeling too apologetic.
im so sah.
by speed trials September 29, 2005
Sah describes:
An error
A mishap
A foolish way of acting

Best used when someone says "HUH", "WHAT", or gives the look of what.
Hey Timmy did you see the game last night?


by Augusto Herrera September 17, 2007
sah= stupid ass hoe ... enjoy using
Stfu you sah.
Sah wheres my calculator!
by scotty adams August 03, 2006

Derived from the phrase "Sexy Ass Hat". (See also: ASSHAT)

It can be used as derogatory, but is mostly used as a definition of someone you find sexy, but can be a bit of a dork at times, or asshat-ish...
"You are such a SAH."

"That SAH Bill, he is truly a legend."
by zensista September 14, 2005
makes everything count
Bro: shoots a 3-pointer and says, "sah."
(Bro misses 3-pointer)
Dude: "Ya bitch, yo miss'd tat shit!"
Bro: "I said sah."
Dude: God Damnit, mothafucka!
by mr_kurry March 22, 2010
Shop At Home
Internet, phone, or other purchases made from the comfort of your home.
"To SAH saves a lot of time as a working mother of three."
by crebeke July 10, 2008
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