Getting your bumhole tickled by as you walk through a doorway.
I just bought some Pepsi and got a sagoo on the way out.
by bPrime February 14, 2013
Top Definition
A shorter way to say It is all good.
Sam: Hey man sorry I spilt your beer.

Dave : Don't worry dude sagoo.
by Weazol March 17, 2010
first word of d phrase " sagoo ki maa ki ".This ( phrase )
is used as a greeting signifying peace and harmony to all as well as projecting a general aura of well being on part of the speaker and wishing the same to the speakee(?).
It finds extensive usage among groups where brains,looks,free time etc are found in abundance.
1 user: hi.. sagoo ki maa ki
2 user: s2u dude... thnx just wat i needeed 2 make my day!
by sagooz friend October 07, 2005
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