Wearing your pants in such a way that you shit your pant for a month and no one would know (exept for the smell). The resulting bloated backside would be similar that of a ghetto booty or bubble.
Be a man pull up your pants! stop that saggin'
by krunchie December 03, 2003
Sagging – something wanna be rock kids / black people seem to be doing i.e. wearing your “pants” around your ass. It also happens to the name given to some rather hot video clips posted on the net. Try tube surfing to find it.
I watch sagging online - to get myself off
by Andy the great May 18, 2006
The way I've heard it is that sagging was a way for guys in prison to show that they had a gang behind them, or that they were in charge of a large group of inmates. It was like saying "here's my ass, go ahead, TRY to rape me."
That guy wears his pants around his knees cause he knows someone's always got his back.
by Yargh April 25, 2005
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