see sagging
his pant be saggin
by krunchie December 03, 2003
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I've heard the jail term..but instead of having a gang behind them, Iheard that it was because in jail, the inmates aren't given belts, and they pant size isn't always considered when they're given their's moved outside of jails, into hip hop, but they're emulating inmates, and it spells "niggas" backwards, rather derogatory and nothing the kids should aspire to be.
his pants are saggin like an inmates
by aabb February 27, 2006
A term used back in the day when the white people saw black people with their pants hanging. So they said his pants are saggin ! And what is "saggin" backwards? "Niggas"! Those tricky white people !
*Black man walking with pants low to their ankles*
White People: His pants are saggin!
by 6PackZack January 19, 2011
1. the censored version of the word niggas in editted tracked that are played in the radio.

2. the editted version of the word 'niggas' that is played backwards. It is done usually with turntables.

also works as aggin, the editted version of the word 'nigga'
"fuck that, hammer that aggin to the earth, wanna cross me? you saggin gotta pay that toll first"
by illforreal May 24, 2005
a legal way to say niggas backwards
hehe saggin that almost like niggas backwards
by rustyshakelford January 20, 2010
the word saggin backwards spells niggas
yves said told me to get a paper and pen then louie gave me a stickie note and then he told me to write saggin backwards first i wrote sagging but then he told me no say it like a black person its "saggin" then i wrote it down and it said "niggas" then i remembered another time when he told me the word ambulance is spelled in mirror on the ambulances so when you look in your rear view mirror in your car it says ambulance then louie was hairy
by Kent Cuevas IV November 16, 2005
The original term given to black people, usually male. The word referred to the saggy pants that they wore. The word 'niggas' came from putting 'saggin' backward.
John: Watch out for them saggin! They gonna shoot us!
Harry: No! Them niggas robbin' my store! Fuck!!
by Harryyyyyyy September 29, 2012

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