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The original term given to black people, usually male. The word referred to the saggy pants that they wore. The word 'niggas' came from putting 'saggin' backward.
John: Watch out for them saggin! They gonna shoot us!
Harry: No! Them niggas robbin' my store! Fuck!!
by Harryyyyyyy September 29, 2012
a another word for niggas. These saggin rappers are real as they come.
spell backward
homeboy,my boy, i ride with tha boy.These saggin rappers are real as they come. If u a saggin throw ur hood up.
by treiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii April 12, 2008
What white people say when they try to pronounce "niggas" spell backwords
Daaaam !! That some dirty ass saggin !!!
by SagginNigga1234 May 02, 2007