If soamazinglyuglyandnotattractiveFEMALEandwakesmewanttovomit were a real word... THATS what Saggin' would be.
"Get that Saggin' girl off my Property before I get the Firehose!"

kfghkdfhgiuh...I just puked alittle from that Saggin' thing over there."
by MR.Tpain July 08, 2009
a another word for niggas. These saggin rappers are real as they come.
spell backward
homeboy,my boy, i ride with tha boy.These saggin rappers are real as they come. If u a saggin throw ur hood up.
by treiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii April 12, 2008
What white people say when they try to pronounce "niggas" spell backwords
Daaaam !! That some dirty ass saggin !!!
by SagginNigga1234 May 02, 2007
A word that white people made for black people that wear their pants low, which also when spelled backwards spells niggas
Look at Daquan walking around Saggin his pants
by Spartyfan74 March 12, 2015

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