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1. Cops, officers, 5-0, pigs, popo's
2. Some rappers refer crips as 'blue suits'
1. I stoled a lollipop and mad blue suits surrounded me cuz imma young muthafuckin black man with my hat real low.
2. Some blue suit robbed my ass.
by illforreal May 24, 2005
1. the censored version of the word niggas in editted tracked that are played in the radio.

2. the editted version of the word 'niggas' that is played backwards. It is done usually with turntables.

also works as aggin, the editted version of the word 'nigga'
"fuck that, hammer that aggin to the earth, wanna cross me? you saggin gotta pay that toll first"
by illforreal May 24, 2005
A place where buncha sneaker heads talk about sneakers, girls and the most hyped up shit. They're all herbs, well most...however, the biggest bitches are Dirty, Cedmilz, Pharrell, Dreinc and many other dicks. If you wanna see buncha e-thugs (bitches whos on the computer talking mad shit) fiend over the ugliest girls, for example DJ BANA (who is a very sweet girl...but she's hideous), and the clothes Jay-Z wears, then it is the place for YOU!~
Hey! Let's go on NikeTalk and be gay!
by illforreal January 26, 2005

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