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Regional term for anal sex in Maine.
Come on up to Augusta; we'll eat some fish & chips out back in the ban and try some saddamy.
by timmus June 29, 2006
10 6
The act of being sodomised by Saddam Hussein.
The US forces in IRAQ were coming under a hail of Saddamy.
by RAFFO November 02, 2003
13 12
A homosexual act;what BUSH will commit on Hussein;Hussein`s 2 favorite people (saddam me);a nasty act;an act that Muslim martyrs will get to practice on virgin boys when they are "cast" into Muslim paradise; the act devils will perpetrate on Muslim martyrs,when the arrive in Muslim paradise.
Boy there sure is` gonna` be alot of SADDAMY committed when those dead Iraqi soldiers hit Hell.
by Prescott Shrub II December 14, 2003
12 13
(v.)the NASTY act of GAY butt sex!
EWWW MAN! i saw PHILLIP n ENRIQUE having SADDAMY! i went blind for a while n when i could see again i wished i was still blind!
by debby April 07, 2005
12 14