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Regional term for anal sex in Maine.
Come on up to Augusta; we'll eat some fish & chips out back in the ban and try some saddamy.
by timmus June 29, 2006
The act of being sodomised by Saddam Hussein.
The US forces in IRAQ were coming under a hail of Saddamy.
by RAFFO November 02, 2003
A homosexual act;what BUSH will commit on Hussein;Hussein`s 2 favorite people (saddam me);a nasty act;an act that Muslim martyrs will get to practice on virgin boys when they are "cast" into Muslim paradise; the act devils will perpetrate on Muslim martyrs,when the arrive in Muslim paradise.
Boy there sure is` gonna` be alot of SADDAMY committed when those dead Iraqi soldiers hit Hell.
by Prescott Shrub II December 14, 2003
(v.)the NASTY act of GAY butt sex!
EWWW MAN! i saw PHILLIP n ENRIQUE having SADDAMY! i went blind for a while n when i could see again i wished i was still blind!
by debby April 07, 2005

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