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A weapon used to defeat any enemy that comes your way. A sack of cats is actually exactly that, a sack of cats. Usually the cats in this sack are ferrel and extremely hungry making for a really gruesome demise for your opponent. Once the sack of cats has been thrown, they fight each other until they have fought their way out of the sack, and then they tear your skin to shreds afterwards eating your remains.
#1. Nnnnooooo!!!! Not the sack of cats! What have I done to deserve this? I'm not ready to die...

#2. Man... I didn't know that throwing a sack of cats could be so gruesome. That was friggen awesome! That guys face is trailing from the side of Fluffy's mouth.
by mrsmegnolia February 01, 2007
Don't stick your hand in. An intractible problem that will cause confusion and chaos to anyone who tries to deal with it.
A candidate who talks about reforming social security is sticking his arm in a sack of cats.
by ocotpod November 10, 2003
When a females pubic hair exceeds the top of her jeans.
Yes little jimmy, its true, in the 80s your mother was spotted on several occasions with a sack of cats.
by Ry P February 27, 2007
A group of potentially easy women.
"I've got a sack of cats back at my place"
"The only thing that can save this party is a sack of cats"
by Ximena March 03, 2006
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