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The combination of the words: sack and face.
Dude, you put your sack on his face? SACE!

I think I might have a sace sandwich today.

by Hambone and Orangepylon January 24, 2009
When a face and a sack are touching.
You should come over later, we can do a double sace with Bill.

"Sace on rack, put it in the back." - Anon.
by Bonedog2001 January 24, 2009
South Australia's official certification for university entry, stands for: Successful Achievement Comes Easily. A good alternative to the International Baccalaureate.
A: Hey! Why are you doing SACE and not doing IB like me?
B: Because I don't wanna have unneccesary workload, Successful Achievement Comes Easily
by mihii February 25, 2010
a woman of the most exquisited appeal
That girl is a sace
by eric bowers August 27, 2003