This blonde bombshell was a pioneer of sorts as she was the female most responsible for ushering in the explosion of "wrestling divas" into the world of professional wrestling.

Her real name is Rena Mero. She is a former WWE Women's Champion and she's been on the cover of Playboy on three occasions. She was married to Marc Mero, but they seperated in 2003. Is currently dating Brock Lesnar.

Her body is still fantastic, but she looks older facially than one would think someone who was born in 1967 would look like. Is the mother of all MILF's though not to mention Grade-A MILF material. She gives a sexy older woman vibe which some may find appealing.
Sable is oh so MILFalicious!!!
by Lord Azzington May 31, 2005
1. A small black rodent, closely resembling a marten.
2. A synonym for black.
3. As in Sable Magazine, a publication for lesbians of colour.
1. The sable ran back into it's hole when it smelled the humans approaching.
2. Night, sable goddess! from her ebon throne, In rayless majesty, now stretches forth Her leaden scepter o'er a slumbering world. --Young.
3. I saw Judy reading Sable Magazine in class yesterday. I knew she was Native American, but I had no idea she was gay.
by goldemar September 22, 2004
1. A word synonymous to black (often used in heraldry)
2. A word used to describe someone who is grievous, sorrowful and/or sad; lamenting or disgusted with the world.
3. A former WWE diva who nobody really cares about, so there won't be an example for.
1. The color on that shield is Sable.
2. That kid is so SABLE; he seems so sad.
3. HAHHAHAAA are you serious???? What a fucker!!
by -SABLE- October 10, 2009
Biggest whore in the entire world. Often used to describe road-side prostitutes looking for drugs. Can also be found lurking at golf courses looking for sex and drugs.
Whoa dude, did you see that sable on the golf cart?

Hell yeah I saw that sable. What a fucking whore.
by Mr.JonesDrewJacob February 18, 2011
WWF/WWE's Sable a Real name Rena Mero entered the WWF as a valet/manager for HHH and Then left him and started working with Mark Mero

he got injured

she became a star

he got pissed

she posed for playboy

sued WWF got fired

posed for playboy again

WWF Changed its name to WWE

she came back posed for payboy again

and got fired for reasons unkown

She is really hot and i wish her the best of luck
Sable is so sexy! I wish she can suck my !@#$
by Bobby September 09, 2004
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