A Hindi word meaning Boss
Yes Saab! I'll do as you wish!
by saab mvg April 28, 2005
Stands for 'Sucks Ass and Balls'.
I dropped my ice-cream on the pavement... totally SAAB
by yukitup December 01, 2010
Skinny Ass Anorexic Bitch
Joe: Yo Bob, do you see that skinny little girl over there?

Bob: Yeah man, what about her?

Joe: She's a SAAB for sure.
by naydanger November 09, 2010
A car usually driven by yuppies and expensive as hell to get repairs on. However, very solid design although not really roomy.
A Saab is a fun car to drive except when you are 6'4
by P. Kaltenbach April 29, 2008
acronym stands for Sick As A Bitch
Brian: "How was that My Morning Jacket show you went to?"

Pat: "SAAB!"
by assholeface12180 January 07, 2009
Awesome looking/performing fast turbo cars up untill around the early 90's
Ricers wont even race me in my 89 saab turbo
by Im God so I know these things. October 27, 2003
Is a Swedish automobile manufacturer known for making most of the cars which stops with random errors at road side. (9 of 10 cars seen on a wrecking truck in sweden is Saabs).

SAAB is a akronym for "Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolag", (Swedish Airplane JSC).
But the most known akronym is "Skrota aset annars byt", which mean "Scrap that Ass, or trade it".
A Saab!? I thought you had bought a car!?
by emil.s January 21, 2009

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