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when girls say that they are "sisters for life" and get to carried away with it. they put it in their aim profiles and probobly say it to eachothers faces.
"OMGAWD. Ilu soooooooooo much! S4L!!! 4aeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaea!!! omg!"
by emily on February 17, 2006

Group of annoying biotches

They think everyone loves them when actually everyone really hates them.
I work at the strip club and one day want to become a member of the S4L!

The S4L is so cool!! OMG! Can I get in the car and ride with you?! You are just so god damn cool!
by littlebunnyboomer March 18, 2008
Single for life. You not going to have a signifigant other ever!
"What's wrong him?"

"Someone told him that he was going to be S4L and now he's crying in the corner rethinking his whole life
by RapidOxidation October 14, 2014
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