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Amazing. .
Brown hair, brown eyes, rockin body, funny.
Tayler's should be the only female inhabitants of the world.

That hott woman reminds me of a tayler.

I want my wife to be somewhat of a tayler.

An owl represents a tayler. Beautiful and exotic.
by littlebunnyboomer March 07, 2008

Group of annoying biotches

They think everyone loves them when actually everyone really hates them.
I work at the strip club and one day want to become a member of the S4L!

The S4L is so cool!! OMG! Can I get in the car and ride with you?! You are just so god damn cool!
by littlebunnyboomer March 18, 2008
Extremely odd but amazingly funny group of 2 girls.
Will kick your asses.
Very attractive.

GW = Gina Warriors
GW has a bumper sticker buisness.

GW loves " the purple."

Persons who belong to GW start out with little and gain a lot.
by littlebunnyboomer March 07, 2008

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