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If you say it like this, you probably aren't getting any.
"I had teh s3x0rz"
"No, you didn't."
by Cobble Pete September 27, 2003
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Geekspeak for sex
I like having mad cybers3x0rz w/ my online gf
by Anonymous November 23, 2002
1337 leet expression meaning sex. Very sad people use this, and I don't mean depressed.
I want teh s3xOrz

Give me teh s3xOrz
by Romani January 10, 2005
1337speak for "sex". Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Can also be used when "giving props" flirtatiously, i.e. "m4d s3x0rz 2 S3xy-Ch1cK3y!!!1"
"I W4N7 2 s3x0rZ j00 Up!!!1"
"I h4d m3 sum m4d s3x0rz l4zt n173!!1"
by Nootch April 11, 2003
s3x0rz, talk of the l33t normaly found on irc
"Last night i had h4rdc0r3 s3x0rz with my mum"
by Benji December 14, 2002

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