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the tasty treat you're craving at night after pregaming or chillin w/ your buddies when you're already drunk & it's time to go out
k: hey guys, lets go get sm'ores
everyone else: (downing drinks & talking about other stuff)

15 minutes later

k: hey guys, let's go to the bar & get sm'ores
j: oh, the other kind besides the chocolate-&-marshmallow variety
f: thats a great idea let's do it! come on everybody!
by el jefe stew November 11, 2011
Smart-whore. A girl who sluts out seeking the love of other men because she can't get someone by them selves.
Look at that girl she is a smore.

She is in ap bio and is where no bra or panties to school
by Random yell December 17, 2013
A smore is a combination of the words Slut, Smut and Whore for those people who would rather not cuss, or want to be discrete about it.
Girl One: Woah, did she just sleep with Tom too?

Girl Two: Yeah, she's a total smore.
by Lucy and Luna Mar~ February 17, 2014
°The way ghetto people (not necessarily black because whites and mexicans have even been caught), say "some more."
°The way people in a rush say "some more."
°The way children say "some more."
Leroy: Damn, my nigga that chicken was good as SHIT!!!
Juan: Sì, compadre give me smore.

Henrieta: Off to work so soon? What about seconds?
Jim: Imma get smore when I get home.

Jacob: How was your ice cream sweetie?
Julia: It was good, daddy. I want smore.
by Quocalimar December 04, 2011
the meaning of both a smut and a whore
girl #1 "omg did you really suck his dick last night?"
girl #2 "yeah i did"
girl #1 "omg you're such a smore!"
by wangster202339 September 21, 2011
a hybrid of a smut and whore
i seen my bm, what a smore she turned out to be!
by chivyballz January 12, 2009
Having a 4-some with 2 brown people at the end and a white in the middle (preferably a fluffy white one) and a black person also in the middle.
Angel: Hey, Nick. Let's go do a s'more with Jess and Gary. We could make a s'more with us on the outside and those two on the inside.
Nick: Awww Yeaaah
Gary: Fuck you guys
by Anyone want a smore August 27, 2010