Top Definition
my favorite cd of all time is carry on- s/t
by anonymous May 11, 2004
Abbreviation for "something".
I don't know, let's go bowling or s/t.
by ghostmirage March 05, 2011
casual abbreviation of the word "something" which allows you to use it as a verbal tic without experiencing the shame inherent in actively typing 9 whole letters to prove how inarticulate you are
descartes is like a skeptical or s/t
by wutz May 19, 2011
Stick-tap. An extension of thanks to someone who brought light to something interesting. Comes from the sport of hockey, where players tap each on the shin pads with their sticks to recognize when a good play was made.
s/t to Jason at Hockeyblog for sharing the link to that awesome goal.
by hockeybro March 09, 2013
refering to something in a dirty way
my and my girlfriend were going to do something in my bedroom
by ATPman April 05, 2004
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