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an orgasm that leaves you wanting "some more"
The sex was great, but he left me with a smorgasm.

"So how was your orgasm?"..."It was more than an orgasm, it was a SMORGASM!!!"
by Ashlyn B. November 29, 2007
Sexual pleasure induced by a s'more.
Wow, this fantastic s'more just gave me the ultimate s'morgasm!
by Becca C. December 21, 2005
an orgasm caused by smoking marijuana
I just had a fucking smorgasm from from those headies
by Sirkneigh March 17, 2009
The feeling one experiences immediately after consuming a freshly made s'more dipped in milk.
1. Oh my gosh I just smorgasmed.
2. Mason: What is this incredible sensation I am experiencing right now?
Ryan: Don't fret, you're just having a smorgasm.
by Sam the Shrimper December 02, 2008
A s'morgasm is a s'more-like desert, made by placing the chocolate into the marshmallow before roasting it, placing it on the fire, and excluding the graham crackers. So named because it is like a s'more, and it is wonderful.
A good s'morgasm is hot and juicy, and drips when licked.
by Badger1011 July 02, 2009
(smor'gaz'em) noun. Conjunction of the words smiley and orgasm; as evidenced by an excessively happy physical release; a sudden but extremely gratifying moment, other forms include smorgasmic, smorgasming, smorgasmed. Should be noted also considered yummy like s'mores and repeated orgasms can be requested as give me s'more.
I had such a smorgasm and I can't stop smiling!!
by smileykisses January 21, 2011
the intense feeling of pleasure experienced immediately after biting into a perfectly delicious smore, usually expressed outwardly as "ooohh" or "aaahh"
"Man that third smore last night gave me such a huge smorgasm"
"Cool bro"
by super big joe October 24, 2011
The sensation of eating a very delicious s'more.
I just had a s'morgasm with my marshmallow deliciousness.
by P.Didit October 06, 2010