Ryan Ross is the guitarist and occasional background vocalist of Panic! At The Disco. He makes girls swoon. Unless you're... like... stupid. Or unappreciative of the finer things in life. -cough-

He's been known to make boys swoon as well.

Contrary to popular belief, no, Ryan & Brendon Urie are NOT gay for each other. Just say no to rumors, people.
Random person: Who's your fave Panic! guy?
Me: Psh, Ryan Ross, fo'sho.

Random person: I hate him. He looks like a girl.
Me: NO HE DOESN'T. Stupid unappreciator! -smack-

Random person: bUtT h3z lyk gaaaiiiii!!11!!!11!!! 0MG ELEVEN!!11!!!
Me: o_O ...shut up, before I sic crazed fangirls on you.
Random person: NO, NOT THE FANGIRLS! I'll stop spreading lying rumors, just DON'T GET THE CRAZED FANGIRLS!!!
by jbikdude January 02, 2007
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The hottest member of Panic! At The Disco. Plays guitar and back up vocals. Makes every girl swoon.
What would the world be without Ryan Ross?

by ashlovesdisco July 14, 2006
Back-up singer and guitarist for panic! at the disco. Founding member, only nineteen years old.
I'm glad Ryan Ross decided to play the guitar or the world would never have known the joys of panic! at the disco
by stealacceptance January 24, 2006
The greatest writer that is part of the greatest band ever, Panic! At The Disco. Recently (on July 28) his father died, most likely from alchohal poisoning, considering he was an alchoholic. They have cancelled some of there shows because of this.
I feel very bad for Ryan's loss. =/

Ryan Ross is the greatest writer on the face of the earth, he deserves an award. Or maybe 10.

Ryan Ross has cool hair.
by ZOMG!ITSRACHELWHOA! July 30, 2006
Ryan Ross is one of the founding members of the Las Vegas NV, band Panic! At the Disco. He is also the band's lead guitarist and lyricist. His birthday is August 30th, 1986. His real first name is George. He is a Virgo. He has beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile.
Ryan Ross is the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet!
by PunkJunk0752 October 08, 2006
amazing guitarist, lyracist and back up vocals for panic! bless him he's so young!
p1"yeh that panic! gig was amazing last night
p2 "yeh! especially ryan ross, i mean he was amazing last night!"
by x-rach-x September 12, 2006

Ryan Ross is the hottest member of Panic at the Disco (recently taken the '!' out of their name). He plays electric guitar and backup vocals.

Ryan Ross is known to have *something special* with lead singer Brendon Urie. They're both so hot though!
by Mrs.atthedisco* February 26, 2008
The hot guitarist of Panic! At The Disco.
Ryan Ross also does their background vocals.
by Ramford January 24, 2006
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