extremely talented and intellegent lyricist and guitarist of Panic At The Disco who owns many amazing hobbit scarves and Writes confusing songs with words that sound like he randomly looked them up on Wikidictionary...he is amazing and one of the founding members of Panic
random person-OMG, where did u find those awesome scarves
ryan ross-i stole them from Frodo when i was in the Shire
brendon-ry, i cant think of any words to rhyme with orange
ry-try randomly searching words on Wikidictionary
random person- *stares blankly at Ryan's total awesomeness*
by igloosluvthedisco March 16, 2009
Born George Ryan Ross he is the hottest member of Panic! at the Disco. He is a musical genius,not only does he write the clever and catchy lyrics for the band but he also plays guitar and sings backup vocals.In addition to playing the guitar he also plays accordion,organ,piano and keyboard.He is (in)famous for wearing a rose vest that some view as a fashion statement. Others view it as something that he desperately needs to burn.On July 28 Ryan's father died of (I think) alcohol poisoning or kidney failure. He turns 20 this year on August 30,2006.
Girl#1:OMG! did you see that rose vest that Ryan was wearing he sooooo needs to burn it.
Girl#2: No he doesn't. I think it's sexy!
Girl#1:Do you think Ryan Ross is sexy?
Girl#2:Hell yeah!
Example#3:HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Claidissa August 30, 2006
Ryan Ross is the guitarist and occasional background vocalist of Panic! At The Disco. He makes girls swoon. Unless you're... like... stupid. Or unappreciative of the finer things in life. -cough-

He's been known to make boys swoon as well.

Contrary to popular belief, no, Ryan & Brendon Urie are NOT gay for each other. Just say no to rumors, people.
Random person: Who's your fave Panic! guy?
Me: Psh, Ryan Ross, fo'sho.

Random person: I hate him. He looks like a girl.
Me: NO HE DOESN'T. Stupid unappreciator! -smack-

Random person: bUtT h3z lyk gaaaiiiii!!11!!!11!!! 0MG ELEVEN!!11!!!
Me: o_O ...shut up, before I sic crazed fangirls on you.
Random person: NO, NOT THE FANGIRLS! I'll stop spreading lying rumors, just DON'T GET THE CRAZED FANGIRLS!!!
by jbikdude January 02, 2007
Ninteen-year-old back-up singer and guitarist of panic! at the disco. Founding member and writer of songs.
I'm glad Ryan Ross decided to play a guitar or we would never have known the joys of panic! at the disco.
by stealacceptance January 22, 2006
former lead guitarist and back up vocalist for panic (now, again, panic!) at the disco
he left with bassist jon walker when there musical paths were different.
they formed 'the young veins' a 60's inspired beatlesy band.
spencer smith and brendon urie brought back the strongly missed '!'
they chaged into a more alternative-rock sound.
we be happeh nao.
ryan ross and jwalk left patd.
no way.
by alltimeblow-nothingpersonal August 26, 2009
the ex-guitarist of panic at the disco. as of july 6th 2009, he (along with jon walker) have decided to leave the band so they can "embark on a musical excursion of their own" he is very hot and wrote all of the bands lyrics. the band will never be the same without him.
fan 1 : "omg ryan ross can't leave! I love him!"
fan 2: "he wrote the most awesome lyrics..."
by foreverhopeful July 07, 2009
A beautiful majestic dolphin.
"Did you see what Ryan Ross tweeted?"

"I know! That beautiful, majestic dolphin."
by hadtheworld June 22, 2012

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