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Abbreviation for the popular web series Red Versus Blue (
Hey, Episode 36 of RvB is coming out on Sunday
by kirvett June 11, 2004
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Short for Red vs Blue, comedy movies made by rooster teeth productions using halo.
Qoute from episode 14:

Sarge: They're definitely special ops, I haven't seen troops move this way since my days on-WICURGERHERGER
by Oz March 05, 2005
1. Short for Red VS Blue. Best. Internet. Series. Ever.

2. A gaming clan, mainly concerned with Blockland and Counterstrike.
1. Stayed up all night watching RvB.

2. Damn, we got pwned by those RvB guys.
by Yoshi X2 July 22, 2005
Abbreviation of the series "Red vs. Blue" a very popular online webseries created by Rooster Teeth. Featuring 120 Main series episodes.
"Bro did you catch all 3 endings of episode 100 for RvB?"

"Yeah the one with Caboose surviving and then dying at the end was hilarious"
by Wickib0 March 22, 2009
best guild wars clan ever in the face with a spewn!!!!!!!
loser (not from rvb) we r teh l3w53r5 \/\/3 g07 pwnt by rvb!

awesome person (from rvb) no shit!
by cabose September 10, 2006

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