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copious amounts of monotonous ejaculation


to monotonously ejaculate copious amounts
In a male to male conversation.....

Tony: "dude my mom was dusting off my ceiling fan the other day... talk about embarrassing. i forgot to wipe off my rux first."

Jared: "oh shit dude. oh well, it's all right... i was ruxing all over that broad's stomach when her boyfriend walked in... he was pissed. but then i unloaded ruxload in his eye to blind him and i escaped before he got his vision back"
by jmichelangelo3 October 22, 2011
a person that exhibits ascendency over others; AUHORITY
His manner of rux betrayed his true intentions
by tvlarr March 09, 2013
refers to an unskilled/inept person; who who fails terribly at recreation or who has fallen out of practice
Tom is rux at football.
Tom got rux at basketball too.
Tom ruxy.
by P-rA December 19, 2006

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