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Rutzman - An extremely ugly fucking kid, with greasy ass hair, who enjoys fucking Curt's college sister on the weekends she has about 14 STDS.
Rutzman went over to her college dorm the other day and put it in her butt. GG Rutz.
by Bek Akins September 04, 2004
47 7
Main Entry: Rutzman
Pronunciation: ( Ruts - man )
Etymology: Middle English

1: To act in a unintellgent, or dumb manner.
2: To act without permission from more intellgent human beings
Jason forgot to clean the corn syrup up he spilled. Way to pull a rutzman, GG Rutz.
by Ben Akins February 01, 2005
29 8
An exteremely ugly red head with horrible acne on both the facial extremeties and other various body parts (no need for details), also has greasy ass hair, and slurs words.
Tom Rutz is a Rutzman
by Ben Akins May 28, 2004
59 47