a white trailer trash poerson who lives in southester ohio that thinks he is a gangester
did you here that rutter talking? he thinks hes cool talking like that.
by johnny boy from OH October 02, 2007
The surname of a rather tinky family from Stonehaven. In-bred minks related to other minks in the cess-pit town.
Jason Rutter,Alan Rutter,Ann Rutter,ANY FUCKING RUTTER

Also used as a term for being under the influence of excessive alcohol. "Holy fuck i'm totally Ruttered like!" or
Under the influence of mind bending chemicals. "I had 7 pills last night and i was just a Ruttered mess totally Rutted out in the corner of Drum"
by MinkHater August 10, 2006
A famous gypsy family name from europe, also many travelled over to the USA from Ireland many years ago. But the majority still live in great britian and europe. Is also name with which most of the people holding are from the roman catholic faith.
oh look on the campsite its the rutters.
by joe spencer March 15, 2007
Person of mixed origins who inherits their surname from catholic gypsies but has seen the movie snatch enough to know that gypsies rule in the bare-knuckle boxing ring.
That dude Chris Rutter sounds like a Gypsy, but god damn he can throw a god-like punch.
by rutters mullet July 11, 2008
A term used for a person who can suck the fun out of any situation with a "joke", statement, but more often than not a long winded rambling story with no point that often leaves one contemplating suicide.
At a social function "Lorna's got a deep fat fryer"..... "Thanks Rutter"
by legrot August 11, 2010
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