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record label formed by Eric "Eazy E" Wright signed with NWA, Da lench mob, D.O.C, bone thugs and harmony
"Cuz im a mutha fucking ruthless villian!"
by random user April 16, 2005
of, or pertaining to, Quincy, Massachusetts.
Yo that night in Quincy was mad, phat, and ruthless.
by Mad Phat & Ruthless June 14, 2007
Riane && samantha
Ree & Dee
do ur research were takin over!
Nobaody kan live up to the standard of the RUTHLESS mamiez
by Maria cochieta January 27, 2009
someone or something that can be considered unbelievable or sick (as in awesome)
"that was a ruthless night"
by Squeeky January 08, 2006
Ruthless Rob from Baltimore? Who ever heard of that fool. I suggest lookg up his name, Ruthless Rob.
Oh yeah! I know youll like it!
by the authority March 01, 2005
Someone or something that is so disgusting, that they are beyond revolting.
-Did you see his gold toothe he is ruthless.
-He just hi-fived someone in the street what a ruthless bastard.
-Stud operative wat a ruthless occupation.
-Ive got to go to Town, Town means shopping they are both ruthless things.
by The-dog August 07, 2008