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Showing up to a friend's house for some prefunking empty handed and partaking of what everyone else brought.
Friend 1: Everyone is meeting at my house to prefunk before going to the bar tonight. Bring a bottle to share so we don't spend as much when we're out.

Free loading friend: Shit, I spent all my money on the new Justin Bieber CD. Guess I'll be freefunking and drink what everyone else brought.
by squeeky July 07, 2014
Hawtest interweb woman alive!!
Yo dude, ultraviolet be banging. Awww yeaa....
by Squeeky November 01, 2003
someone or something that can be considered unbelievable or sick (as in awesome)
"that was a ruthless night"
by Squeeky January 08, 2006

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