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Slang for ninjalooting. The art of swiftly stealing something under the very noses of the rightful owner.
Derived from the legendary player, RutherJosh O'Lush the 5th, a 'Robin Hood'-character from the game of Anarchy Online.
Often used in great appreciation of stealthy skills.
-Wow! You really rutherjoshed his loot!

- You got away with that?? You're a regular rutherjosh!!!
by Fætter BR March 02, 2004
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Definition of a sexually frustrated person with a fetich for hairy women.
HEY! Leave the poor dog alone! Don't go all Rutherjosh on me, man!
by Skidtfisk March 03, 2004
also used as adjektive of beeing overtly vulgar or bling-bling.
Damn you'r one pimping Rutherjosh!

Maan, your pimp-juice is way off the Rutherjosh-o-meter
by The Man March 02, 2004

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