Any attractive girl from a rural background between the age of legal consent and the age of her first pregnancy, a time period typically lasting only a few days or weeks (if at all).
I was at the state fair and met this total rutabaga, porked her behind the 4H shed.
by tbIII March 14, 2011
Top Definition
looks like a potato, tastes like ass
Mike ate some ass, it tasted like rutabagas.
by not a fan December 02, 2003
The one word that you can hear being subtly repeated while listening to a large crowd of people mumble among themselves. It sounds like everyone is saying "Rutabaga rutabaga rutabaga" over and over again.
The next time you are in a busy, talkative place, try to see if you can listen for the "rutabagas".
by StarCraft Maniac March 01, 2015
A you blue furry animal that likes to nip cheese.
Last night my rutabaga nipped ALL of my cheese!
by Justin December 10, 2003
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