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The act of of putting a fish up your ass for sexual gratification.
My friend an EMT told me about this guy they found with a frozen salmon up his ass. They had to take him to the hospital to get it removed. They call that move the rusty scupper!
by Little Smokey October 04, 2007
A sex act where a man and a woman are engaging in anal sex because the woman is having her period, then the guy pulls her tampon out with his hand and then rubs it all over her face.
he gave her a rusty scupper cuz she was having her period.
by N. Monk October 02, 2007
A poop-ridden dick after anal sex
Sarah pulled Goomba's dick out of her ass, and cleaned that rusty scupper by scraping off all the sharnicles with a toothy blowjob.
by GoombabmooG January 13, 2013
Rusty Scupper is the act of taking a dump between a chicks legs while she is on the toilet. As the crap goes through her legs, it leaves a skid marc known as a rusty scupper
After Cory got a blumpkin from Dawn, he sat on her lap and gave her a Rusty Scupper.
by kennyfuckinpowers March 22, 2012
When a guy/girl sticks his/her finger in one's ass and then gives them a fish hook with the same finger.
While I was fucking that bitch last night, I gave her a Rusty Scupper, it was awesome!
by Techfall December 04, 2008
While having anal sex with a girl the process of pulling out just prior to ejaculation and placing the manhood in her ear while climaxing.
I saw this porn where this cop named Buck Manly gave some girl the rusty scupper.
by Dave W. April 12, 2004
Going back and forth between holes on a girl after she shits and while she's on the rag.
Jane's a freak and after she shit she asked me to give her a rusty scupper.
by R. Scupper September 07, 2007

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