derogitory term for Piru's
Fuck tea time rustersz Cuz!!!
by Loc- O [bk] June 22, 2004
Top Definition
A cock
Dude, my ruster itches.
by bill November 19, 2002
See Duster

(adj.) Someone who has not been used in so long that they have become rusty. (suck)
"Conor Merrill rides the bench the whole game. This making him a ruster"
by GivingDome May 02, 2009
A man or woman from rural sections of any nation that acts as if they are in the hipster scene and pretend to be cool and up to current events.

A hipster poser
That girl at the rural coffee shop is a real ruster, trying to be all cool and shit with her indie music.
by LeeAP August 29, 2012
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