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In Counter-Strike:

1) Swiftly killing a large group of people.
2) Killing someone with a shitty weapon.
3) Surprising and killing an enemy from behind.
4) Flashing a large group of enemies (and yourself) and charging them with a Mac10 or TMP.
5) Doing any of the above in a hilarious fashion.
"pc rushdown killed Mr. Apple with mac10"
"pc rushdown killed sean with mac10"
"pc rushdown killed ripened orange with mac10"
"pc rushdown killed getchawigsplit with knife"

Don-Vito: lol nice rushdown pc
pc rushdown: pew pew
DippingBird: pew pew
Phate: pewpewpewpewpewpewpew

by desperryado November 21, 2005
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