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(adj.) a place that has a rural setting that is in the outskirts of an urban environment.
Rodney: UMBC has such a rurban community!
Creamy: YUUUUUUP. bingo, macaroni.
L. June: bet.
by Creamy's Hot Wings February 27, 2011
Rhymes with "urban". You live in the country, but you own no cows. You have all of the piped-in, cable-driven commercial needz as your rural brethren, but with far less concrete.
I saw some kids out in the country sporting some emo gear. They were definately rurban, suffering the fashion dictates of MTV.
by XPADREX January 31, 2005
A rural or small town dweller who adopts an urban lifestyle.

A rurban male or female has a graduate & post graduate education, is technologically advanced, is empowered by digital communication platforms, is an internet junkie, prefers designer interiors, plans a smaller nuclear family, marries later, has a non-traditional job involving commute, is a frequent foreign traveller for pleasure, engages in conspicuous consumption of lifestyle products, travels to larger supermarkets rather than shopping locally, drives a car more suited to urban commuting, is aware of world & national issues though probably less so of local politics.

Liam was a typical rurban male; good income, good clothes, a newly built Mac-cottage and a coupe that bottomed out on the country roads.
by John Boyle September 13, 2007
Town of Alliston Ontario, Best of Both Worlds (Urban & Rural)
You work at the office, live on a farm, clean the driveway with a tractor only to take your audi to work... your Rurban
by Farmer Man February 18, 2015
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