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rape cuddle. when you are forced to either cuddle, spoon, snuggle, cozy up, embrace, nestle, or nuzzle someone who you want to have nothing to do with. the most common form is date rupple, where you get dragged to a movie or something and your partner thinks cuddling is inevitable
It wasn't bad until we went to the movies and he put his arm around me. He had terrible BO. It was total rupple.
by tricky tractor October 02, 2010
Similar to the coloquial term of "ripple", this term was coined by the great Stephen Van Rhyn, a South African linguistics professor. It defines how a moment of impact in one area can have effects over a far wider expanse.
"From this place, rupples shall go out"
by Mikeymac&Daveboi December 04, 2006
a fat, retarded female beagle. you will know one when you see one, they are fat, if you howl at them, they will howl at you, and is a female beagle.
you:" here rupples!"
you:"your retarded."
by redninja141 January 07, 2010

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