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Hindi: n. One of Beauty
n. Currency of India
English: adj. Poopy;
n. One who makes false promises
Noun: Rupa can never be counted on.
Noun: She is such a Rupa.
Noun: She is so Rupee.
by Little India September 05, 2005
1. in hindi(the national language of India) - means beauty
2. a hot girl
Check out that rupa.
by Jane November 27, 2003
A Rupa is slang term for a person who has an excuse for everything and generally won't leave the house in the evenings.
Person 1: Is jake coming tonight?
Person 2: No he says that his car's getting repaired
Person 1: Man that guy's such a Rupa
by boosh93 March 23, 2010
One who goes crazy from curry consumption.
Rupa, you're crazy from all the curry.
by Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo March 14, 2005