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a runescape fansite with quest help for both f2p and p2p, forums, and many more...
noob:weres ernest the chicken
rangergodz14: idk check runehq idiot
noob:....can i have some gp
rangergodz14: *teles to varok*
noob: omfg! he knows cheats! he dissapeared
by karim June 17, 2006
A place for dumbasses who cant do anything on their own.
Bob: H0w do I pUT tat beed in tat hol??????/
Tom: Dumbass. Just click the hole.
by Lenok June 26, 2007
One of the first Runescape help websites created. It right now gets the most traffic
Person 1: Im a noob LOL
Person 2: Go on Runehq dumbass
by Rich_Noob August 26, 2006
A wannabe fansite with a paranoid moderators all over their forums
What the hell, some runehq mod banned me for saying he should stop being so inactive on the forums
by [babylon] June 28, 2007

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