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A Female that gets around. A slut, tramp, whore, etc... Originating from the classic song "Run around Sue" by singer Dion in 1961, the song clearly explains a lose woman that "took my heart and ran around, with every man in down". It is a more classy way to call a girl a Slut.
I don't think you want to take that girl serious she's a Run around sue.

That Run Around Sue has smashed half the city.
by Pimpshitnigga April 22, 2011
a girl who loves it to check out the whole crowd of boys in her class or any other community for having sex
she´s got a real runaround-sue by chamging the boy friend three times a week!
by steppenwolf November 19, 2006
A Runaround Sue is a girl that seems to be loyal and loving to you, but is in reality playing games with lots of guys to get attention and love. This term was first popularised by singer Dion in 1961.
Damn....i just caught my girl hanging out with this other guy in a coffee i realise she's just a Runaround Sue.
by jazzyrocks4299 May 11, 2015
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