1. anal sex

2. looking dishoveled, messy, tired, unruly
"I'm trying to stay out of jail so I never get run up in."


"Why did you come to work lookin' all run up in."


"I thought she was cute, but when I got closer she looked all run up in."
by Wes August 20, 2003
Top Definition
a request for sex from a woman (not meant exclusively for anal sex). Includes all forms of sexual relations. Also used to describe entering an area with force. Can be used in it's past-tense to describe the completion of said act.
Also, used as "ran up in."
"Can I run up in you, if I buy you dinner and flowers?"
"They are gone, I plan to run up in that house tonight."
"the police ran up in that dope spot last night"
"I ran up in that one b**** yesterday."
by dirty November 24, 2004

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