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another word for summer, used by the text messaging impared who don't know how to text
"it's the rummer. let's honj"
by kelsey7180 November 03, 2006
see RUM its proper bo
you f**king rummer
by Bonkers May 19, 2004
A teenager who has a childish face. This person acts and reads an age group much lower than his own. This person is obsessed over playing with Legos. If you give this person a set of Legos he will spend a week constructing, disassembling, and putting them back together again and again. He is upset easily and can’t sit still. Don’t make fun of him or he’ll be sure to cry.
Other boy: Hey Tyler! What's up?

Tyler: Not much man, just playing with my Legos.

Other boy: You're such a little rummer!

Tyler: Cries
by Tommy Hillfigure March 12, 2015
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