Rule - States:

1. Any rule broken will lead to a cosmic meltdown

2. Rule - is undefined

3. Rule - is defined

4. Rule - is the lowest number possible behind -9001

5. Any rule under this number is invalid

6. All rules are valid except clones
Guy: Ha, there is no porn for this thing.

5 min later

Guy: Omg a black hole

- Everyone dies

Thats why you follow Rule -
by MasterCheeseCat November 12, 2010
A list of random crap that people who call themselves 'authorities' or 'authoritative' such as teachers, parents etc. These 'rules' just state things these 'authoraties' wish you would listen/do. But its a free country, so really, you could break every single 'rule' you want to. (except normally there's a punishment like...idk going to jail
Teacher: Now, Johhny, didn't you read my RULE BOOK?
Johnny: pshh no. thats just some random crap.
Teacher: JOHNYY! HOW DARE YOU! CRAP IS A BADDDD WORD! If you read the rules you would have known.
Johnny: Its the usa. CRAP CRAP CRAP %$&&*%$#
Teacher gasps: Go to the principles office. NOW!
by Shabbalabadingdong February 20, 2009
The more Guilty they are,the more Sensitive they are to the Truth.
Must have got pretty close to the truth,to get 'em so riled-up!Rule-S,Yo.
by Waboa February 05, 2009
The more often than none, self proclamation that you find yourself to be the best representative for the action at hand.
I Rule! (with reference to EVERYTHING)
by LilBelle January 09, 2008
A new album by ja rule. I say its the best album hes released
"r.u.l.e..yeah.. its an album wot else do u want me to say?"
by bizzy blokta November 09, 2004
say all rules of a game
rules pls?
afr cba ktl wba fba (attack from rope, crate before attack, kill the leaders, walls before attack, fly before attack)(on worms game)
by bichnou13 February 15, 2008
1. Something that makes you have to do something.
2. A faggot ass pussy on Muredr Inc.
It's the M-U-R-E-D-R Inc., niggah! I'm the rapper who fags, and totes tampax in bags, and the feds can't just f**k me, straight up the ass, make the Rule scream Holla! in the prison beds because..., I'M HURTING!
by G-Union July 25, 2003
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