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A commonly used rule stating that any one that does not play online walk in chat rooms like Habbo hotel has the right and authority to offend players of the game habbo or others.You may also, freely walk around habbo hotel trolling.
x4hot-guy545: hey babe

xxsmexi-chikxx: hey sexy

*leet name* (guy that doesn't play habbo but is trolling):Alow online relationships

x4hot-guy545: Shut up

*leet name* (guy that doesn't play habbo but is trolling):haha, Smexi girl; you do know that "x4hot-guy545" is a fat nerd with no life?

x4hot-guy545:Shut up

*leet name* (guy that doesn't play habbo but is trolling):x4hot-guy545, You really shouldn't masturbate over pixels.

The convo goes on and on and "That leet guy" always wins +D Rule 84 =D
by AnonymousWillFindYou October 23, 2007
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