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Smart and Sexy

Vary rare type of girl, most smart girls are ugly and most sexy girls are dumb, but there's the occasional smexi girl.
"Ms. Marie"


"Your quite a smexi girl"

"Why thank you"
by Pitchblak March 27, 2007
A cooler, more aproppriate word for "sexy".
"Ohh, that dress is soo smexi!"
by musicrocks123 September 06, 2012
A very attractive mexican. Usually pretty awesome.
Mexi + Sexy = Smexi
"Dam'n Miguel is so smexi!"
by SexyBeast69 June 09, 2013
Sexy with an extra "mmm" in it. Making it mmm good, aka mmm sexy. Tada... smexi. :)
Dammmn that boy is smexi. ;)
by tw!tch23 December 06, 2013
small or short mexican
Jessica is 4'9", she's smexi.
by starguirl June 18, 2011
smexi = sexy + smart
that girl over there seems to be damn smexi, i think im falling for that !!
by shupassword March 22, 2011
something or someone that is just overall awesome, or badass (whatever floats your boat).
Lexi is soo SMEXI!

Wow! Did you see that block? It was so SMEXI!

One word....SMEXI!!!
by KirbyNamba February 13, 2011

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