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don't **** with the captain....ever
rule 1701: captain picard will never die, and no kirk will never be better
by thomaspain September 15, 2009
You do not fuck with Captain Picard. Evar.
Goodnight, Sweet Prince... Patrick Stewart died today. RIP 1949-2009.
Hell no! Rule 1701! *ban*
by Rianamarie September 15, 2009
One does not fuck with Captain Picard, ever. Or they Die
Someone posts that Picard has died on 4chan. This is a breakage of Rule 1701, therefore, you die.
by animasdk September 15, 2009
Do not take the name or image of Captain Jean Lic Picard (Patrick Stewart) in vien.
Patrick Saywze Died on Sept 14th 2009 and pictures of Patrick Stewart flooded the Internet with "1940-2009" captioned. Confusing many into believing our Captain had gone down with his ship.

The Internet responded by saying this was going to far, and Rule 1701 should be passed so a tragic even like this will never take place again
by KZR September 15, 2009
Anyone who messes with Captain Picard will be killed upon discovery. NO exceptions.
Person 1: lawl, Kirk is soo much cooler than Picard.

Person 2: *gunshot* rule 1701 bitch.
by BrokenThumb September 15, 2009
Not only is there fanfiction about everything but nearly all of it is crap.
The reboot of Tomb Raider proves the veracity of Rule 1701.
by Ostercy Janson De Couet September 07, 2011
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