Japanese name meaning "bright blue flower" -
written with the characters for "lapis lazuli" (ru) and "flower" (ka)
"I named my daughter Ruka because of her blue eyes"
by jpandiction January 17, 2013
Top Definition
Gangster chick
A girl in a gang
by -Dre- March 20, 2003
a mexican or chicana gangster chick
crazy ruka,im the ruka...
by 1x707x3 February 16, 2009
Is a girl or guys number one love, even if the girl or guy has multiple relations or relationships
Michelle is my ruka even if I have other girls she's always going to be my number one girl.
by Darcy,Ann August 03, 2010
A man of Hispanic lowrider origin's

True to each other .
" My Ruka , port Vida " - C!$3
by life's words March 05, 2016
A Croatian drinking game,

You need:
6+ people
a coin
a 40-Pounder (40oz of hard liquor)
shot glass for each player

You have two teams 3+ people on each team.

You have each of the players sit across from eachother so one team is on one side of a table facing the other team

To start off flip the coin.
The winning team picks if they will speak or hold the coin first.

The team who starts off holding the coin puts all of their hands under the table and starts to pass the coin around to each player.
The coin should be in one hand no more than 2 seconds at a time.
You do this so the speaking team doesnt know what hand the coin is in.
The team continues passing the coin untill the speaking team says " ruka" and the team with the coin brings all of their hands (in fists) onto the table top, all at the same time.
The coin is now in one person's fist.

Next the speaking team says "up ruka", so the opposite team brings their hand up, so that their elbows are now on the table tops (hands up 90' from table).

Finaly the speaking team says "down ruka" and the opposite team slams their hands palm down on the table. The coin will make a sound when it hits.

The coin is still covered by the hand.

The speaking team now must pick one hand at a time, that they do not think the coin is hidden under. When your hand gets picked, you show that the coin is not under it. You continue this untill no more hands are left exept the one with the coin. If the speaking picks a hand that does have the coin under it they must take a shot and start again. You switch only when the speaking team picks the hand with the coin last.
"man let's play ruka tonight"

"Yeah that game is sweet"
by j wyse May 16, 2008
ruka is a spanish word that means slut , whore. It used as an adjective to describe someone who like to fuck / have sex a lot or its a prostitute

you can also write "rukaza" as a expresion of saying she is so so so fucking slut!
she loves to fuck boy a lot. she is ruka!

esa tipa es una ruka barata / she is a cheap ruka
que rukaza que es esa chica
by guriagostosa June 26, 2011
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